Conveniently, Jalopnik just recently posted a question of the day about what the 10 best ways to prepare for a road trip are. The answers are here.

Over the last week, I’ve been ordering items and prepping my own road trip necessities including the following:

2 spare tires (just tires not full spare sets)
2 cans of fix-a-flat
extra motor oil
extra coolant
techron fuel additive
duct tape
road flares
jumper cables
75 watt power converter
swiss army knife
box cutter
basic med kit
sleeping bag
ice scraper
many bottles of water
large box of granola bars
GPS unit
about 15 different maps that cover the entirety of the continental US


along with the clothes and toiletries i’ll have with me, i feel pretty set for a month on the road. …or even a week stranded on the side of the road. drop a message if you’ve got any input on what else i should bring along!

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