The link to the dream road trip schedule (google doc spreadsheet).

It’s as solid as it’s going to get right now. Which means, aside from the start date (April 6th), it’s still pretty tentative because i’m not entirely sure of the feasibility of driving however many miles are in a given day. So if i’ve gotten in touch with you somehow about meeting up or staying a night with you (thanks so so so much for your generosity!), please keep that in mind and keep following the twitter and facebook page postings while i’m on the road. I’ll be updating on a day to day basis where i am and where i intend on being the next day.


Because of a lot of people’s input, I’ve thrown in a handful of cities that aren’t capitals but, because I’m doing such an extensive road trip already, wouldn’t be too far of a detour. If you haven’t gotten in touch with me already, and would like to meet in any of these cities, please drop a message (preferably on the facebook page) and I’ll include you in my trip notes as somebody to make sure to get in touch with!

Two and a half weeks until departure. Things are getting real really fast.

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